7 thoughts on “Music from the US – The Sugarhill Gang

  1. Love these guys. I remember how groundbreaking they were back in 70’s. Great memories. Should also include Grandmaster Flash and the Furiuos Five’s THE MESSAGE – http://youtu.be/VjLHrhLVwzs For me at least back when Rap had meaning – before it got all gangsta.

  2. This song takes me back to Christmas in Caracas Venezuela in 1979. The song was popular and I remember crusing with friends from high school with that song in the radio. I also remember the stores had the song in the background. It inspired another song called “La Cotorra” by Veneuzuelan artist Perucho Conde. I also tried something similar with a song with similar rhythm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4eo0rBqzyk La Cotorra Perucho Conde 1980

    1. Yes, this was a part of music history and it is still one of the best hip hop tracks I ever listened.
      Thank you very much for your music suggestion and for reblogging :)

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