Time for a break

Will take an undefined break of blogging here on World Music. Maybe just for 1 or 2 weeks, maybe until summer… By the way, we’ve the idea to start a World Music radio, what do you think about it?

And does someone of you know how doing this?

Hope the other authors will post a bit more for you in this period. Again the great song “One Day”, I’ll return, but time is hard up for blogging. Sorry. But this blog won’t stop! And I decided, to blog about twice a day!

25 thoughts on “Time for a break

  1. Oh, schade, Xandi, auf dich zu verzichten, aber wat mut, dat mut…. Ein Radio wär eine tolle Idee – ich hab leider keine Ahnung wie das geht, aber ich wünsche dir/euch viel Erfolg !!!! Freu mich darauf, dass du wieder auftauchst :-)

  2. Personally, I’d love it if you set up a World Music radio station. I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but would be interested in seeing the end result (and listening to it, of course!) Look forward to seeing you post again when time permits. :) (Still enjoying the Argentinian music- thanks!)

  3. You will be missed no doubt. But it will give me time to broswe your archives. Lots of great music there I’ve missed. Your blog will still be accessible I hope. On the radio thing, you can look into Blog Radio.com. You can host your own live or pre-recorded show. And I am sure you can create a radio format with it. Good luck.

  4. Have an enjoyable one, good to see you are respecting the ebb and flow of things. World Music has a really cool format now, adding radio would be the natural next step. Hopefully some folks with expertise in that realm will present some sound pointers. take care and thanks

  5. will be missed very much Xandi, thank you for everything. we have a wonderful archive of music till you return thanks to your hard work … un grande abbraccio, Buon Fortunata ! <3

  6. What we do for Radio Saudade here at Saudade Brothers is use the program Audacity (free download) to create a 60-minute mixtape in mp3 format then upload it to the WordPress Media Library. (You need the minimum space upgrade to upload mp3s). Then when you insert it into the post, there is an option to “link URL” – click “none” and the WordPress Audio Player will appear. People can just press play and enjoy. More info is at the Audio Support page in WordPress. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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