Music from Senegal? – Fitt Band Experience

Updated song:

A great one this afternoon, although I can’t find anything about them. But in their song “Maaro“, Fitt Band Experience, a reggae gruop, are singing about Africa and it’s political leaders(e.g. Thomas Sankara, Lumumba), problems and politics. If you know more about this excellent group, please contact me! And the YouTube video is 2 minutes too long… ;)

Maaro seems to be off, so listen to their song “Lazi”:

6 thoughts on “Music from Senegal? – Fitt Band Experience

  1. Great music! Especially for a lazy friday afternoon in the office! Sorry, don’t know much about the band either, though will look to find out as the song is great!

    1. hello, i’m steve, the keyboard from fitt band. It’s a peasure to find people like you speaking about this band. great music and many good times in my live. I can tell you much about this band. This band was created by some studients from montpellier.The Most part of the former members were from senegal. I join them in 1991. After 250 concerts in france, switzerland, spain i left the band and go back to my country, Guadeloupe (FWI). something more? please contact me in my private box at

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