Music from Brazil – Vitor e Leo

Hello, i’m Karla, brazilian, and a music-fan. I’ll post music from south america, and i hope you enjoy it!

For my first post, i’ve chosen a brazilian genre called “Sertanejo”.

Sertanejo is a typical Brazilian music genre from the countryside of Brazil. Most of sertanejo music artists consist of duos made by brothers, like Vitor e Leo.
They are a band formed in 1992, and one of most popular hits in the style nowadays in Brazil. Listen to the song  “Deus e eu no sertão”.

11 thoughts on “Music from Brazil – Vitor e Leo

      1. Kapitololo, thank you :)

        Xandi this is another version. First time that i listen to it, it was from they first album or something like that… :) Thanks !

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