Music from Spain- Felix Mauyé Rodriguez

Felix Mauyé Rodriguez is an spansih painter and guitarist based in Berlin, Germany. Here’s his brilliant guitar song “Colores“:

This was a Music-Suggestion from kevmoore, thanks!

7 thoughts on “Music from Spain- Felix Mauyé Rodriguez

  1. You are kindly welcome…Really nice blog……When you have a chance, please check out two friends of mine, Soulcream(Karim Bhourania, a Pakistani/Swiss singer) based in Basel, Switzerland…His new CD is entitled Told Ya and Richard Broadnax, gospel singer based in Zurich. Thanks much!

  2. Thanks for featuring this Xandi. I met Felix when I was in Volterra last Spring. He spends some time there, but is based in Berlin, Germany most of the time. He is in fact Spanish by birth. His music sounded wonderful drifting on the air between the old buildings of Volterra, and I just had to buy the album!

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