Music from Ghana – K. Frimpong & his Cubano Fiestas

Updated song:

K. Frimpong was a Ghanaian highlife singer, who died in 2005. Here’s his song “Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena“:

This was a great Music-Suggestion from marcoselchiche, thanks!

16 thoughts on “Music from Ghana – K. Frimpong & his Cubano Fiestas

  1. It is a lovely country. One that is currently undergoing an infrastructure explosion. Oil was found last year an much money is used on improving the country infrastructure (still some way to go). I’ll be putting up some pictures from there sometime next year on
    Mobile phones are everywhere and it is cheap to make phone calls.

    Lucky Dube is played 24 hours (a tremendously popular South African reggae artist).
    apart from highlife and hiplife Ghana has many “unknown” but good reggae artists. Many has come from Nigeria. I uploaded one to my youtube page with Chizzy Wailer ( ) and would have uploaded more but the CDs I received there were so scratched that is wasn’t possible.

    I can definitely recommend going to Ghana :-)

    great blog you have :-)

      1. Maybe a guest post sometime. I can’t promise right now as I have a huge backlog of things I need to do. What would be involved? Number of words etc?

      2. OK no problem! Guest post would be great! Feel free in the number of words, in the style of music and the number of songs ;)

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