Music from Sweden – Prop Dylan

As you already know, rap isn’t my most favourite music, but there are always some kinda good songs. So, this here is a nice track called “Can You Imagine“, from Prop Dylan, a swedish rap and soul musician:

4 thoughts on “Music from Sweden – Prop Dylan

  1. LOVE this song! So, so, good! Wow! Love it! Great video too. I don’t know how these people don’t injure or kill themselves doing the moves that they do, and snowboarding in all of the places that they do…Especially the part where the guy snowboards right onto the road there…He could have been hit and run over by a car…Wow. I could never and would never do these things myself. I prefer not to get killed, thank you very much. Anyhow, this is a great song! Thanks for sharing it with all of us here.

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