Music from Nigeria – Seun Kuti

Updated song:

Seun Kuti is the youngest son of the afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti., born 1982. Here’s his song “Rise“, and I think this won’t be his last song here…. ;)


11 thoughts on “Music from Nigeria – Seun Kuti

  1. Thanks for the likes, and thank you vey much for posting this video. It has really made my day. It’s very honest and Seun Kuti treads where very few artist dare to. I feel that artists and musicians have the power to change the world, only if they are willing to.

    1. Thanks Afriquan! I commented often on your blog, but I think it went spam :( . Now I invited you as an author, because you listen and blog fantastic music from Africa, and I love the african music!
      I also think there must happen something…..

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