Featured Artist Vote

Hi there! Thanks for your votes on our last poll! As you maybe alreay have seen, 55% of you voted for the featured artist. So we will feature one artist every 10 days, and suggest you 5 candidates. Of course, the most voted will win, but the second and third will get a second chance in the next poll! You can vote here until march 22nd, and share this poll to let more people know it. At all, we need about 100 votes please!

Here are the candidates:

Andy Palacio-Ámuñegü:

Bebe Cool-Ntuyo Zange:

James Olmos-In A Moment:

Les Beignets-Electric Eel:

Parov Stelar-Coco:

18 thoughts on “Featured Artist Vote

  1. All of them are really great Xandi!
    I’ve been catching up with different blogs while listening to your amazing songs.
    Finally I’ll have the time to listen to them more and keep a track on your blog.
    Thnks for sharing!

  2. Reblogged this on kapitololo and commented:

    Agradecemos por ter participado da nossa ultima pesquisa! Portanto 55% dos votantes decidiu por um artista em cada 10 dias, e aqui estão os primeiros 5 candidatos.

    A votação vai ate ao próximo dia 22 de Março, segundo os seguintes critérios.
    O mas votado vence e o segundo e terceiro terão a oportunidade de participar da votação posterior.

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