Music from Argentina – León Gieco

León Gieco, born in 1951, is a great pop-folk composer and musician from Argentina. Here’s his nice song “Hoy Bailaré“:

Thanks María for telling me this one!

20 thoughts on “Music from Argentina – León Gieco

  1. Great post Xandi!! I really love León, he’s a great musician :) One of my favorite songs of his is En El País de la Libertad:

    You might want to share this one too, it’s a beautiful song!
    And you’re very welcome :) Just ask any time, i don’t mind :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for this music. My friend was from Argentina, and because we talked a lot about George Harrison, we never had time for her to educate me about the music of her country. Through your blog I can explore and remember. Thank you!

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