Music from the UK – Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel, born in 1950, is an english singer who once was singer of the band Genesis. After leaving them, he started a great solo carrier and focused on World Music. So he also won six Grammy Awards, thirteen MTV Video Music Awards and much more. Here’s his nice song “Don’t Give Up“:

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12 thoughts on “Music from the UK – Peter Gabriel

  1. Love Peter Gabriel. I was a fan of Genesis when he started that group. I continued as a he went solo. And it was his Real World Records music label that first got me listening to world music. I’ve learned a lot about music just from that label alone. Their website is pretty cool also with videos, music, and information.

    Thanks for posting this Xandi.

  2. I listened to that song and all the other great ones on that album many many times.
    He had some big hits with sledgehammer, in your eyes, red rain, big time, but my
    personal favorite was the somber —mercy street. Thanks for the memory.

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