Music from Portugal – Fado

Today I leave you in a Fado House (“Casa do Fado” in portuguese language) with many fado singers –  Pedro Moutinho, Ana Sofia Varela, Ricardo Ribeiro, Carminho, D. Vicente da Câmara, Maria da Nazaré and musicians of portuguese guitar – Pedro Castro e José Luis Nobre Costa. I chose this video for you feel a little bit of the environment of the houses of Lisbon where the fado is sung.

If you ever come to Lisbon, choose Alfama or Bairro Alto to hear fado comes into your soul :) Probably you can’t see this video in Germany… :(

10 thoughts on “Music from Portugal – Fado

    1. This time i enjoyed to write in a different way. Symbolically “Fado” includes singers and musicians that are described below :)
      The letter “A” was wrong (I saw that you already blotted out)

      I already sent a message to my portuguese friends disseminating World Music in Facebook ;)

      1. ah, so much thanks Marília. And it’s now problem, I make many mistakes too, but I think the A looks strange :)
        Saudacoes and thanks again for the two great songs :)

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