Music from the UK – The Beatles

Today, Truels suggested a song by the Beatles, a world-wide popular british pop and rock band, formed in 1960. Here’s their song “Yellow Submarine“, my favourite of them. By the way, I’ll post your song soon Truels :)

Listen to All You Need Is Love

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7 thoughts on “Music from the UK – The Beatles

  1. My #1 group of all time.
    When I introduced my wise old grandmother to The Beatles, it was when I was watching the world premiere of “Yellow Submarine” on television. She loved the movie and the song, so much so that she always told me that she wanted me to sing “Yellow Submarine” at her funeral. I didn’t think it was an appropriate funeral song, and told her so, but she kept insisting.
    When she died in 2003, my three uncles disinvited me to the funeral. Stupid me didn’t even know that you needed invitations to funerals. I didn’t go, and a year later I dropped my last name and took my middle name as my last name. I’m completely estranged from that family now. Fortunately, they live in south Texas and I live in southern California.

  2. I don’t think I have one favorite. There are sooo many great songs. I’ve always been partial to Michele and Norwegian Wood (the bird has flown).

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