Music from the US – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash(1932-2003) also known as Man in Black was a great country , gospel, blues, rock n’roll and folk musician from Arkansas, who would have celbrated his 80th birthday yesterday. I really love his music and have three of his CDs. Here’s on of my favourites from him, “Daddy Sang Bass“:

4 thoughts on “Music from the US – Johnny Cash

  1. I don’t enjoy “country music” but I love Johnny Cash. I listen to his music often. Great job on the buttons Xandi :)

  2. Johnny Cash has so many great songs; Folsom Prison, Ring of Fire, Boy Named Sue, I’ve Been Everywhere, so many so many. He song like a he experienced every song he song. Great selection! This song was originally sung by he wife’s (June Carter) family: the Carter’s.
    If ya don’t like Johnny Cash there’s something wrong with you sense of music.

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