16 thoughts on “Music from the Netherlands – Guus Meeuwis

  1. Hahahaha I had no idea of this version! The song is actually called “het is een nacht” and could be translated as: What a night. The singer is from a certain area in The Netherlands but this version is actually in another dialect as his own. So this is Dutch, but a dialect (Friesian). The song is about experiencing a perfect night, like in the movies, but then for real. This is an experience the singer actually had.

      1. He is very popular in the Netherlands, you should also check out Marco Borsato, I think he is the most popular singer in our country at the moment. So are a duo called Nick en Simon :-) A nice song from Marco Borsato is called De Waarheid (The truth) and Nick and Simon Pak maar m’n hand (Take my hand). Another great song by Guus Meeuwis is called Brabant, it is a song about the part of the country where is comes from ;-)
        Love your blog!

  2. thanks Diana! Will listen to them tomorrow! And if you like our blog really much and want to help us, please follow on Facebook, share this blog and share the posts(by the sharing tools) :)
    Would be glad if you could ;)

      1. You’re very welcome! I like the Dutch language so sometimes I listen to Dutch songs and if there’s information I can share I am happy to do so :)

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