16 thoughts on “Music from the UK – Muse

  1. I remember the group but I don’t remember this song. Nice find. I really like it. I love the contrast of the soft moody opening with the “in-your-face” approach to the rest of the song.

  2. I like this one, haven’t heard of them before…
    I like that you put different ones up
    as Mobius Faith says, I like the contrast too….

    Good One Xandimusic..


  3. These guys are local celebrities. Two years ago I used to play golf everyday whilst they rehearsed in home just yards away from the course. They sounded absolutely fabulous, better than on their records! Why? We could never hear the vocals, I can only presume they didn’t feel the need to rehearse the singing. In effect I had a free private concert day after day, I didn’t realise who they were until months later….

  4. Yes….. this is my absolute favourite from this band, although I like almost everything they make :-) Have seen them perform live 3 times now, hope they will come to my country again this year…..

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