9 thoughts on “Music from Pakistan – Atif Aslam

  1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed this one. I will have to check those others out you mentioned :)
    and thanks to Xandi for the post!

    Wendy (worldmusic contributor)

  2. I didn’t realize we both had an Atif Aslam moment today haha. we posted even the same song! a true case of synchronicity. you posted yours earlier, but I had gone out and put mine on hold until later in the afternoon. so I guess it coincided time wise afterall…. tell me that’s not crazy :-)

  3. I really very love this song, i like all atif aslam’s song, but this is mu favourite song. may GOD bless him great atif aslam

  4. Tu jaane na, mil k bhi hum na mile tm se na jaane q, meelon k hain fasely tmse na jaane q…
    i luv dis one, dis’s so superb

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