Music from Senegal – Ismael Lo

Ismael Lo was born in Senegal in 1960.  He is often referred to as “the Bob Dylan of Senegal” because of his guitar and harmonica combination coupled with his deeply satisfying lyrics.  This is his song “Africa” it is beautiful and having originally come from South Africa it gives me goose bumps!

19 thoughts on “Music from Senegal – Ismael Lo

  1. Mon artiste sénégalais préféré ! Pour l’avoir rencontré plusieurs fois à Bruxelles lors de ses concerts, on peut apprécier sa grande simplicité, sa gentillesse, et son immense talent !!!

    1. Wow, that is incredible that you met him! Yes he has immense talent, glad you enjoyed the post – I hope to post more of his songs in the future :) (used google translate to understand your comment, I hope you understand mine)

      1. Yes I understand your answer but my english is not good enough to write and communicate my enthusiasm !!! ;-)
        Have a good evening !

      1. It is unfortunate that you don’t have it in Germany, but I thought that maybe your visitors come from countries where it is available.

        Are you interested in any music from a specific country.

        I’ll tell you one of my favorite Swedish acts. Timbuktu with the song Ett brev which was a letter to the primeminister of Sweden telling him to make something to make the world better

        Or his reggae band Helt Off their most famous tune is Babylonsjukan

      2. yeah, Ras, thanks! Yesterday, I saw that Spotify maybe also is available in Germany too! Would be great!! Will post the Timbuktu song soon, thanks! If you want, you can always suggest more music on the Music-Suggestion page :)
        I think it’s great that you share Spotify links!

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