14 thoughts on “Music from France – Zaz

  1. That´s good music! :)
    My french is not very good at all anymore, but I love to listen to songs on this language, it always puts me in a good mood.
    Have a wonderful sunday. :)


  2. Really cool song and band i love the singer’s voice so much *-* wonderful ! It’s still in the german charts we love it.! So thaanks I’m listening to it now..(despite i can’t any french! I’d had latin..but it’s a song which makes me smile… :-)
    Thanks, best wishes from Germaaany! ;D

  3. Zaz is nowadays really part of the famous French musicians – French public has adopted her style & voice since 2010, even if she’s been singing for longer than that! – great talented singer& band !!

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