Music from South Africa – Liquideep

The Liquideep duo is made up of singer/songwriter/producer Ziyon and DJ/producer Ryzor, and they hooked up in 2007 over a mutual love of hook-laden, melodically rich, deep house music. Liquideep’s appeal could be put down to the originality of their culture clash between African beat and an awareness of what works on the globe’s dancefloors. But it’s also down to their ability to craft sweet and memorable songs.

7 thoughts on “Music from South Africa – Liquideep

  1. In general I am enjoying this blog. Great finds on music from around the world. For someone so young to have such an appreciation of music at the level you exhibit is a wonderful find. So this is just a general “well done” for your blog. I look forward to each of your posts, even if the music is not my style at least I am being educated, which I appreciate very much. #salute


    1. Thanks Jdobypr, we’d be glad, if you share our music here on Facebook, Twitter….. ;)
      And, it’s not just me writing here, we are five writers ;)
      So much thanks again!
      And by the way: Great song Bongani, enjoy it! :)

      1. It’s always a pleasure Alexander! I was not well, hence my silence in the past few days. Like I said earlier, I will try my best to post something whenever I get an opportunity.

      2. thanks so much Bongani, glad you do! Doesn’t matter, if you don’t have time, of course, you should prefer real life than blogging :)

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