Music from Spain – Depedro

Depedro is a band from Madrid, Spain, who’s known for alternative, folk rock and latin. Here’s their song “La memoria“, also an updated one :)

And I’ll post all the suggestions you sent to me in the next time, this and next week! And I hope Mobius already saw, that I can’t listen to his suggestions in Germany, so maybe you’ve an idea :)

6 thoughts on “Music from Spain – Depedro

  1. Hello Xandi,

    thank you for visiting my blog and writing a comment! :) My song posted today brings me into a good mood and so does yours from today, although I don´t understand the words. But the music is wonderful.

    Have a wonderful sunday,


  2. Cool music. And yes, I did see that you are unable to view suggestions. If you can’t see them in Germany don’t post them – certainly no bad feelings on my part – they’re just suggestions. Peace my friend.

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