12 thoughts on “Music from the UK – Roger Daltrey

  1. An excellent song from the classic Who rock opera TOMMY. It was also a great film. Boy this brings back memories of my youth.

  2. I am SORRY! But this is disappointing! Although it’s Roger Daltrey who sings this version – The Who ‘s original version from the stunning LP (!) TOMMY – is infinitely better !!!!:

    PLEASE post this – and listen :-)

    1. oh, I couldn’t find this, because it isn’t viewable in Germany Truels.. And I just can listen to a live version of it, sorry….. :)
      What should we do, because I won’t post a video, unviewable in Germany and other countries(Austria….)…. ;) ???????

      1. the GEMA(english: Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) is a organization representing about 60,000 composers, authors and music publishers and the rights of more than a million copyright owners internationally whose works are used in Germany. :)

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