Music from South Africa – Mi Casa

Mi Casa are the latest additions to the South African deep house scene. The band members (Dr Duda-Producer and club dj, J-Something – vocalist and guitarist and Mo-T – Trumpeter) blend their musical talent to create a soulful sound, which incorporates soulful vocals, the guitar, keys and the trumpet.  “Mi Casa is one of the most exciting new live acts I’ve seen in all my time in this industry, their talent, personalities, hard work and determination are a perfect recipe for success” says Harael Salkow of SoulCandi Records. Definitely one to check out

3 thoughts on “Music from South Africa – Mi Casa

  1. great one Bongani, although I can’t view the video in germany(you couldn’t know), but I listened to it on Simfy, really nice!! Just add tags :D

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