Music from the UK – Blanck Mass

Blanck Mass is Benjamin John Power, a young musician in thrall to Carl Sagan, Ennio Morricone and the infinity of nature, both universal and personal. His song/soundtrack “Chernobyl“, makes me think about the nuclear crisis, and I think, we should stop nuclear energy!

10 thoughts on “Music from the UK – Blanck Mass

  1. This song reminds me of this other song, which I hope that you will enjoy as much as I did and as much as I still do:

    Enjoy, Xandi! You have an excellent blog here, and I now have so much more new music to listen to! Whew, I don’t know when I will ever get around to being able to listen to it all! Thank you so much for all that you do! :D

      1. Can you listen to this other video of the same original song here on YouTube:

        Or if not then how about this one?:

        I think that the original song is SO much better than the dubstep version, in my own humble opinion. But that is just what I think.

        Enjoy! :D

        PS: By the way, just out of curiosity, how many languages do you speak, Xandi??? I only ask because I have seen you replying in many different languages to people’s comments here, and I am just really curious to know. Do you speak Spanish also, like me?
        Thank you so much for all the excellent and wonderful music here, you have a great blog! :D I am so glad that I have found your blog here. Keep up the great work, Xandi! :D

      2. no, I can’t, I’m sorry, it’s not available in Germany. I speak German(best), french, english and I understand a few words in spanish and portuguese, so, you also can write some simple spanish sentences :)
        PS: I’d be glad if you write a comment in english and if you want you can write the spanish version under it, so I could learn a bit more :)

  2. I agree. There are many environmental issues involved in the dangers of Nuclear Energy. But there are dangers in any form of energy and how it is created. I sometimes wonder if there is such a thing as safe energy or if humanity is so caught up in consuming that we refuse to look at the long term effects of our actions because we live too much in the moment. Native Americans and other ancient cultures lived in the present with the mindset that what they did would affect the next seven generations. That unfortunately seems to be lost.

    Well enough of my rambling.
    I love this music. It reminds me a little of some of the American composers Steven Reich and Philip Glass. Where classical music and electronic music have merged into a beautiful new thoughtful creation.

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