14 thoughts on “Music from China – Chyi Yu

  1. Hi Xandi, I’ve been checking your site daily. I think you are on to something. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you need or want help in maintaining the site, as I love music and have time on my hands presently. Lou

  2. I don’t like Oriental music! BUT THIS IS GREAT! Thanks for opening my closed mind a little and thanks to Neil also.

  3. Thanks for sharing Xandi. But I gotta say – based on your description I was expecting something very different since I am familiar with traditional Chinese music. Aside from the instrumentation which include some traditional instruments, the song structure and vocal style is decidedly Western. It reminds me more of British group Renaissance from the late 70’s and early 80’s. http://youtu.be/vvFPlWh1yQY. That said, this is a very good song. And very enjoyable.

  4. Thanks Xandi! Again, she sings one of my favorite songs ever. it’s not quite traditional (in the sense that maybe mobius faith was expecting, with the classical Chinese instruments); it’s more classic, like what we listen to on the “oldies” radio stations ;) Thanks again~

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