Music from Nigeria/France – Asa

Asa is a french nigerian soul jazz singer and songwriter, born in Paris. Her name Asa means “Hawk” in Yoruba. Here’s her song “Preacher Man“, a really great one:

Here, you can listen to Peace


4 thoughts on “Music from Nigeria/France – Asa

  1. I love Asa! I was going to go to her in-store event @ Tower Records she was doing for promotion along with appearing in a music festival in March last year in Tokyo. It naturally got cancelled because of the earthquake along with most other music events that month and for the two months following that.

  2. Nice song!

    For some reason, it made me think of someone else of African heritage, Michael Kiwanuka, a Ugandan Brit soul singer, but unlike Asa, has a more lo-fi, old school sound.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and liking one of my posts! Your blog is great, and I look forward to listening to your many recommendations.


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