Music from Kenya – Jaguar

Jaguar is a Kenyan musician, who has won The Pearl of Africa Music Awards, 2011 as the Best Male Artiste (Kenya). Here’s his track “Kigeugeu“, one of the most played ones in Kenya:

Thanks so much Kweli, for this Music-Suggestion :)


6 thoughts on “Music from Kenya – Jaguar

  1. I am a Kenyan and I feel proud that Jaguar’s songs are being appreciated world wide, fyi, kigeugeu, the title of this song means a chameleon(in the literal sense) but metaphorically it refers to a person who is un-reliable or says one thing but means the other. This song got really famous in Kenya because many people could relate to that, in the song Jaguar asks ‘whom can I trust because everyone is a Kigeugeu’

  2. Xandi,
    I’m too much in hip hop mode right now—that’s almost all I’m listening to. I’m even surprised (yes, I am) that I recommended this track.


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