5 thoughts on “From Portugal – Luísa Sobral :)

  1. Great song!!!!!
    But can you do two things? ;)
    I don’t know, if you can edit the categorie( country and genre!) and tags, if yes(if no, please answer ;) )-please do it ;)
    and could you make “space bar”-“space bar”(e.g.: portugal – klepht, one of my favourites!!!) between country and article :D
    and if you’ve the time, write one or more ;) sentences about the artist….
    But it’s so great, that you’re an author now….
    hope you got this difficult message ;)
    Saudação xandi

  2. Agradecida!!:):)

    My english is very basic as well my blogging skills, but i will try!!…i didn’t write in english for a very long time and I’m afraid of making a mistake in your blog…
    Saudações ;)


    1. não importa Marília ;)
      my english is basic too, but I want to learn a bit more english, I was leraning it in school until last year, but now I’m learning french…..
      I’ve changed your role to editor, so you can write tags etc…. :)

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