8 thoughts on “Music from India – Rashid Ali & Shreya Ghosal

  1. Jagjit Singh, very nice. Rashid – Shreya song – not the best representation of contemporary bollywood music.

    One of Jagjit Singh’s most memorable songs is below. In the movie, the guy leaves his wife for another women. All 3 cross paths in a party. The song vocalizes the wife’s anguish at her loss.

  2. The lyrics of the above song go something like this –

    “how does one say why they are lonely,
    why, someone who was mine, belongs to someone else?
    if this is how the world works, then why does it work like that?
    if this is what normally happens, then why does it happen like that?

    if someone were to extend a hand, I would grab the apron.
    my heartbeats would merge with his in the ensuing embrace.
    if there is so much love, then why is the distance so large?

    No one ever survived a heartbreak like this,
    No one ever knocks on a broken-in house.
    When there is no hope left, why does this heart still hopes?

    Whether you call it a relationship of happiness or one of sadness,
    people say, relationship of love transcends over multiple lives.
    if it transcends lives, then why does it change in this life?”

    I am no poet. So, my translation is not great. But, the song never fails to move me.

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