Music from South Africa – Lucky Dube

Today, I would like to present you the Reggae musician Lucky Dube from South Africa. He was an apartheid critical musician who was born in 1964 and died in 2007, when he was shot and tried to escape, he hit a tree and died. His song “Remember Me” should make you remember him as one of the greatest African Reggae musicians.

5 thoughts on “Music from South Africa – Lucky Dube

  1. Big Up for this one! Great reggae legend.

    Let me quote him before he performed live the song “Together as one”

    “This is a song that talks about racial discrimination that is happening between blacks and whites.
    You see when we read in the bible about the creation of the earth,The bible tells us that man was created in the image of God, but it does not tell us whether God was white, black, colored, Indian, or whatever. … God is one. That is why we are his children, we got to be together as one.

    The only thing that is keeping us apart is Apartheid. So tonight we are going to bury apartheid sixty nine feet down and put up a very big rock.”

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