Music from Nigeria – Dr. Alban

This is a song called “It’s my life” from Dr. Alban, a nigerian musician whoose music can be described as Hip-Hop or Reggae with a Dancehall style. This song is from his album “One Love”(typical Reggae name), from the year 1992. Maybe it’s more Dancehall than Worldmusic, but I like it.

Dr. Alban-It\’s my life

3 thoughts on “Music from Nigeria – Dr. Alban

  1. I would say Dr. Alban is a Swedish musician originally from Nigeria. He has lived here almost all his life and i remember listening to him in 8th grade some 20 years ago. His music was on Swedish radio all the time. He actually came to Sweden to study and is a dentist. While studying he started to play music as a DJ and then finally decided to make his own music. He is now a producer in Sweden.

    I remember him singing about how drugs is bad for you and only mess up your brain. Especially in a song called “No coke” which was the start of his music career in 1990

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