Music from the US – Fleet Foxes

We had in 2011 already one song from this band from the US , here is another one “White Winter Hymnal ” . In germany we have actually no snow this winter , a green and grey winter in fact we have this year with temperatures almost over 0°C .

Fleet Foxes is the name of this American band from Seattle founded 2006 . The quintet describes its music as “baroque harmonic pop jams”.

Music from the US – Math And Physics Club

Math And Physics Club, are a Seattle-based indie pop band. Here’s their nice song “Darling, Please Come Home”:

Music from the US – Jimi Hendrix

“Hej Joe ” one of the countless hymns from this great musician James Marshall „Jimi“ Hendrix  (* 27. November 1942 in Seattle, Washington; † 18. September 1970 in London)

Today it´s his 70th birthday , but he joined too soon the club 27 , died at the age of 27 in London.

Music from the US – Soundgarden

Soundgarden is an US-american grunge rock band from Seattle, formed in 1984. Listen to their song “Non-State Actor”:

Music from the US – Hey Marseilles

Hey Marseilles is an US-american indie folk and pop group from Seattle formed in 2006. Here’s their song “Someone To Love”:

Music from the US – Brad

Brad is a band of Seattle rockers.  This band features members of Pearl Jam, Satchel and Pigeonhead.  They play a sound from grunge to pop to post rock.  A great band worth taking a look at.  They have a new album out, United We Stand.  This is their single “A Reason to be in my Skin”.

Music from the US – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is an US-american grunge rock and hard rock band formed in 1990 in Seattle. Here’s their nice song “Elderly Women Behind The Counter In A Small Town“:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Espanglis, thanks!

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