Music from the UK – Depeche Mode

Anyone who was around in the 80′s knows this band well.  They have had 48 chart singles and released 12 albums, two of those debuting at #1.  Well the band from England are back (and slightly older) with a new album Delta Machine.  This is the new song “Heaven” off that album.  Also see our past post with one of their older songs “Enjoy the Silence“.

Music from the UK- Bomb the Bass

Bomb the Bass- an electronic and dance band formed 1997 from the British musician and producer Tim Simenon , he releaesed several albums and produced severeal singles in coproduction as example with Martin Gore ( Depeche Mode ) or the Ultravox singer John Foxx. here are two titles the first one “Up the mountain ” and the second one , i think it´s more  popular “Butterfingers”

really funny animated videoclip