Ego vs. Emo – Ego vs. Emo

I think it was about one year ago, when I wrote the first time with Tobi from Ego vs. Emo. Now, they released their first album ‘Ego vs. Emo’ on September 20 2013.

Ego vs. Emo: Ego vs. Emo

Genre: Electro, Balkan, Fusion

Ego vs. Emo is a german electro, balkan and fusion band from Göttingen. The three musicians are playing a live violin, saxophone and drums and are completed by a soundman on stage. Their music is a really interesting mix from balkan to electro through deep melodies and harmful sounds. Continue reading

Music from Germany – Ego vs. Emo

Ego vs. Emo – what a great title for an electronic music group!! They are a rising Electro-Klezmer duo from Göttingen, Germany. I think as a fan of World Music and electronical beats, this is exactly what we need!

“Mixing electronical beats with some klezmer and balkan beats makes their music incredible unique and good!”

Listen to their absolutely awesome good piece “Nr.10“, really one of the best things I listened to this year.

Music from US – The Underscore Orkestra

The Underscore Orkestra is one of the most peculiar style that i’ve heard. They play  a blend of Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz and Swing. How can it be possible?  Well, listen to ” Blue Draggish”.

Christmas songs: Music from the US – Trans-Siberian Orchestra #40

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a progressive metal project founded in 1993 by producer, composer, and lyricist Paul O’Neill in New York, US. Here’s their great christmas song “Christmas Eve in Sarajevo” :